The WBS Foundation was formed in 2012 by a group of parents and friends for the sole purpose of raising money to enhance the quality education at Wrightsville Beach School. Our mission is to generate discretionary funds to provide for equipment, supplies, and projects above and beyond what traditional funding sources provide. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, we are guided by a volunteer board of parents, friends, and staff.

Since its inception, the WBS Foundation has raised more than $260,000 in private donations to enhance the quality of the programs and education for the children at Wrightsville Beach School.

Our spending policy emphasizes that funds be deployed quickly and that every student at Wrightsville Beach School benefit from the Foundation’s grants. We intend for our donors’ current contributions to benefit today’s students.

Recent foundation funding opportunities include:

  • A full-time Teacher (2018-2019 school year)
  • A full-time Teacher’s Assistant (certified teacher)
  • Funding for four part-time tutors (all certified teachers) adding 80 hours of teaching support each week
  • New basketball goals for the blacktop
  • Drum stands for the schools newly acquired steel drum set
  • A new outdoor track
  • Kayaks and other equipment for the Marine Science program
  • Salary for the school’s part-time Spanish teacher
  • Laptops, iPads and a charging station
  • Various Physical Education equipment
  • SMART Boards for classrooms
  • Document cameras to enhance SMART board technology
  • Camstasia Studio 7 Video Program


2018-2019 Board Members:

Emily Hollingsworth – President

Rachel Lisk – Vice President

Sam Crittenden – Treasurer

Jennifer Fagan – Secretary

Jackson Norvell – WBS Principal

Jessica Oester – PTA President

Kate Brown – Past PTA President

Kimberly Batten

Caroline Beam

Kelly Becker

Hobbs Goodwin

Ryan Hoke

Rachel James

Susan McLean

Lew Woodbury